We Will Buy Your Car at Patrick Cadillac in Schaumburg, IL

Patrick Cadillac will buy your car even if you don't buy from us!


Why Should You Sell Your Car to Patrick Cadillac?

Are you wanting to sell your used car, SUV or truck? Why not sell it to Patrick Cadillac in Schaumburg, IL? Our Sales Managers will appraise your vehicle right away. At Patrick Cadillac near Arlington Heights and Des Plaines, we will be sure to give you the best offer for your used vehicle. Then if you decide to sell it to us, we will send you a check – you don’t even have to purchase from us! If you have any question regarding our appraisal process, be sure to look at our Appraisal FAQ below, or submit and inquiry and our Patrick Direct Team will contact you as soon as possible.

“It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3”




Step 1. Tell us about your car


Tell us about your car.




Step 2. Set up a no obligation appraisal


Receive a car appraisal from Patrick Cadillac.




Step 3. Receive top market value


Receive a check from us to buy your car.


Selling a Car at Patrick Cadillac

Can I sell my car to Patrick Hyundai without buying a car from Patrick Cadillac?

Yes, and our offer will be the same whether you’re buying from us or not.

Do I need an appointment to get an offer on my car?

It’s recommended to make an appointment to sell your car or get an offer. We suggest starting with submitting a “trade-in” inquiry to get started and a member of the Patrick Direct team will reach out. You can also get started by clicking here.

What can I expect during my appointment?

  • Our low-touch in-store appraisal and buying process allows us to make an offer without sitting in your vehicle or touching your car’s most frequently used areas.
  • You’ll observe your car’s appraisal – maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from your appraiser – and will be asked to assist with turning your car on or off, and opening or closing doors, windows, and trunk spaces.
  • Offers may be contingent on verifying a car’s mechanical condition with a test drive and/or a review of the cosmetic condition of the vehicle, but the test drive and verification only occur if you choose to sell.
  • If you decide to sell, you can leave with payment in hand. You can also take up to 7 days to compare your options.
  • If you’re trading in, you can apply any positive equity from your current car to the down payment on your next car.

How do you determine my offer?

We review current market conditions as well as your car’s specific year, make, model, mileage, and vehicle history report. We examine your car’s condition inside and out for major defects like frame or flood damage. We also test drive your car and check to see if the brakes and turn signals are working (among other things). If repairs are needed, we may adjust our offer accordingly. In regard to cleanliness, the long-term maintenance and care of your car is what’s most important in determining our appraisal offer.

What do I need to sell my car?

Requirements can vary from state to state, but there are a few items you’ll need no matter where you are:

  • Your car’s title or payoff information. All titleholders should be present.
  • Valid and current registrations
  • Valid state-issued photo ID for all title holders.
  • All keys and remotes

Please note that you don’t need these things to get an offer for your car, but if you think you plan to sell when you get your offer, you should come prepared with these items.

What if I still owe money on my car?

If your payoff amount is more than the offer for your car, the difference is called “negative equity.” In some cases, the negative equity can be included in your financing when you buy at Patrick Cadillac. If not, we’ll calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you and you can pay Patrick Cadillac directly. We accept cashier’s checks, certified checks, certified funds, cash, and debit cards. Our written offers are good for seven days, giving you time to get any necessary funds to settle your transaction.

How will you pay me for my car?

If you come in with everything required to sell your car you will receive a check within 5 to 10 business days.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

If you are part of a company that owns or leases vehicle for employees, please contact us for the requirements by submitting an inquiry or call 847-230-8240.


Stop by Patrick Cadillac in Schaumburg, IL today for a quick and easy car appraisal and we’ll send you a check. Our Cadillac dealership near Elk Grove Village and South Barrington IL will proudly give you the best offer for your used car, SUV or truck. Make sure you stop by today!