Cadillac Customer Loyalty Incentives & Conquest Rebates

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Whether you are one of our Cadillac customers or if you are considering a Cadillac for the first time, Patrick Cadillac here in Schaumburg, IL does offer Customer Loyalty Incentives or Conquest Rebates to help with your next New Cadillac lease or purchase.

Below is an explanation of these two options.


What are Cadillac Customer Loyalty Incentives?

Current or former Cadillac customers have the opportunity to take advantage of “Loyalty Credit”, provided by the Cadillac manufacturers, when they get behind the wheel of a current model year Cadillac .

This is subject to Cadillac Financial Services, all new Cadillac Lease agreements or Cadillac Retail contracts that are subject to credit approval.

In order to qualify for the Cadillac Loyalty Credit, loyal current or former Cadillac owners or lessees must provide us with proof of Cadillac ownership or your current or previous Cadillac Financial Services account number that Patrick Cadillac is required to submit to Cadillac the manufacturer.

If you are current or previous owner of a Cadillac, make sure to talk with your client advisor about the Cadillac loyalty incentives available.

Note: Cadillac Customer Loyalty Incentives are also known as Cadillac Customer Loyalty Rebates or Cadillac Customer Loyalty Allowance.

Disclaimer: Customer Loyalty Rebates/Incentives cannot be combined with Conquest Cash//Allowance.


What are Conquest Rebates?

Conquest Rebates programs are extended to current owners/lessess of our competitive vehicles brands. The rebate is available on the purchase, lease, or finance of New Cadillac model year vehicle.

Conquest cash refers to our manufacturer incentive that targeting drivers of competing vehicles.

If you or someone you know is considering a Cadillac for the first time, we recommend asking one of our client advisors for more information.

In simple terms, it is about convincing prospects who are looking at our rival dealers to buy from from us and our brands must submit proof of competitive owners to our manufacturers.

Note: Cadillac Conquest Rebates are also known as Cadillac Conquest Allowance or Cadillac Conquest Cash.

Ask one of our client advisors for more information when shopping.


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