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CUE: The Cadillac XTS new Apple-like infotainment system

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cadillac is changing in new and innovative ways with the Cadillac User Experience! Its a touch less sensor faceplate that just by the move of your hand you can change a song and many other features. This Chicago Cadillac dealer can't wait to share this new design on our showroom floor.

Source: jalopnik.com

General Motors hasn't historically been what you'd call an automotive infotainment innovator. That is, until now. This video, the first public glimpse of the interior of the new Cadillac XTS luxo-barge, lifts the veil off GM's luxury brand's new gorgeous Apple-like future.

Four years ago, when Ford introduced it's Microsoft-powered Sync system, GM looked like an also-ran analog anachronism in a digital world, happy to continue to build their infotainment system in-house. Where was the partnership with Microsoft? With Google? With anyone? I mean, they were just barely getting USB ports fercrissakes. Even recently, their new "MyLink" system looked like a Sync also-ran.

But today we're seeing their latest user interface — set to see the showroom floor next year in the Cadillac XTS, the replacement for the just-expired STS and DTS sedans, of which we're seeing the interior of today for the first time — and we're not just impressed, we're floored. It's called the Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, — and it doesn't just take a step forward, it looks like it might leap-frog the entire luxury infotainment marketplace.

The main interface area for CUE is an 8-inch LCD touch screen, seamlessly — and gorgeously — integrated into the top of the central instrument panel above a motorized fully capacitive faceplate that looks eerily similar to the Vertu Signature cell phone.


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